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Beauty & Beast: A Faerie Tale 

 Adapted by Kristi Cunningham 

Directed By: Kristi Cunningham                                                    

SYNOPSIS: Faerie Tale, keeper of the stories of the wood, begins this classic tale, retold with a bit of an Irish twist. It’s the beloved story of a kind-hearted prince, cursed to live as a beast, and the girl who comes to love him. Due to the scheming by the family business manager, a devoted father believes he and his three daughters are destitute and move to a rundown cottage. They are unaware that the land is under an enchantment until Father encounters the Beast nearby. For having picked a rose from the Beast’s garden, Father is forced to make a promise to return. One daughter, Keala, decides to go in his place, and over the following weeks, befriends the lonely Beast. With some help from the good faeries, they are able to overcome the evil Faerie Una and find a friendship that transcends every boundary and a love that breaks every curse. 

Faerie Tale - Hali Liles
Beast - Aidan Stack
Tomas - Nathan McCollum
Keala - Charlotte Rose Ellsworth
Fanny - Tatum McCollum
Tallula - Abigail Ellsworth
Desmond - Forest Swisher- Skyler
Faerie Una - Alanna Stack
Faerie Ailen - Meghan Fouette
Faerie Ashling - Hunny Hanson
Faerie Breena - Makayla Cox
Faerie Rhoswen - Hannah Sorrells
Festus - Carlos Adams
Fergus - Jacob Layman
Bridget - Holly Wehmer
Guard 1 - Devan Seay
Guard 2 - Kyle Ralston
Horace - Devan Seay
Extra Faeries - Heidi Wehmer, Holly Wehmer

June 10th 11th & 12th

17th, 18th at 7:00 pm

19th at 2:00 pm

Run For Your Wife

Writen by  Ray Cooney

Directed by Craig Fowler


3-4 women

5 men

In a hilarious mix up the story starts with a London cab driver John Smith, his two wives, two lives and a very precise schedule for juggling them both, with one wife at home in Streatham and another at home in Wimbledon.

Trouble brews when Smith is mugged and ends up in hospital, where both of his addresses surface, causing both the Streatham and Wimbledon police to investigate. Having upset his schedule, Smith becomes hopelessly entangled in his attempts to explain himself to his wives and two suspicious police officers, with help from his lazy layabout neighbor upstairs in Wimbledon.

Auditions coming in early July! To be announced.